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Crewstone Consulting was started in 1986 by Keith Stone. We initially offered training, site management, and software support services to Unisys 1100/2200 series systems.

In 1988 we teamed with M. L. Ellis & Associates and offered our first software product, the System Log Analysis Package (SLAP). SLAP analyzed both the ASCII and Fieldata Unisys 1100/2200 log files and produced reports and machine readable files. SLAP also converted ASCII Unisys 1100/2200 log files to Fieldata log files. SLAP was a offshoot of tools developed to extract performance data for management reports for site management. In 1989 we released our second product, the Print Queue Maintenance Utility (PQMU). PQMU retrieves print files from symbiont stations and stored them as elements in a program file. PQMU was developed to solve our internal development needs and to solve operations problems found while performing on-site consulting. In 1990 we released our third product, TRACK/S. TRACK/S performed mass storage reporting for Unisys 1100/2000 systems, maintenance and control.

In 1991 TeamQuest Corporation purchased the marketing rights to all our Unisys 1100/2200 products marketed by M. L.. Ellis & Associates. The ASCII log portion of SLAP, ALAU, was merged into their LA product. The PQMU product was combined with the TeamQuest tools DUMP and TLABEL to create SAUtilities. The reporting and maintenance portions of TRACK/S, MFDRPT, DIRCHG and ACQ were merged into MSAR, and the mass storage control portion was renamed MSManager. In 1996 we sold the remaining rights to LA, MSAR, MSManager, and SAUtilities to TeamQuest Corporation.

In addition to developing products for sale through TeamQuest Corporation, we have developed file transfer and router tools for Applied Information Systems and diagnostic tools for JBM Electronics. Our most last Unisys product was UNET, a alternative backup solution for the Unisys 2200 series which was developed for Software and Management Associates.

Crewstone Consulting was an active participant in Unisys user organizations. We assisted with the Blue Ridge Chapter of USE inc., and have participated and presented at the nineteen USE and UNITE conferences. We also given seminars on transaction processing, SSG and PLUS programming.

No longer in the Unisys market, we now use the perspective gained from our large scale experience to implement e-commerce solutions that are practical, scaleable and maintainable.

In 2018 we started offering short term rentals via AirBnb.

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